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Work Force Development
Over the last 10 years EWI has created and implemented innovative Work Force Development programs. Through the contractual agreements with area Social Services entities, EWI has trained and placed over 800 Welfare to Work and Work First clients from the Raleigh/Durham area. The majority of these clients are from public housing. In additional to our special interest assuring that the students are getting the proper training for the workplace, we apply special interest in the critical 2-week period following the conclusion of the initial training class. The highlight of our training is our ability to offer practical application to our classes in form of specific services and skills. Each class will have specific job focus on Hotel Hospitality, Financial Services, Entrepreneurship and Health Services. Also, we will continue focusing on retention from the employee assuring that Social Services and the employers are in the communication loop.

Employed with a Future

Providing Technology Training and Support Programs with focus on the following:

  • Job Readiness Assessment
  • Computer Training
  • Business Culture / Soft Skills Training
  • Workplace Simulation
  • 2 Week Job Preparation
  • Job Placement
  • Job Retention Service
  • Specialize Advance Class for Past Graduates, unemployed and the underemployed
  • Specialize Advance Class for Past Graduates, unemployed and the underemployed
  • Hotel Hospitality:

    Our aim is to prepare graduates for employment in hotel management positions in the RTP area and beyond. The courses focus on hotel operational skills, management practices in the hotel and hospitality industry and the skills needed for continued learning in a changing global business environment. We develop dedicated professionals with qualifications that are recognized and highly regarded. Through the assistance of the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau, we plan to have significant assistance form area professionals in curriculum and job placement.


    Health Services (Medical Biller):
    The Medical Biller is the person responsible for the prompt and accurate processing of medical insurance claims. Most people have medical insurance, which is presented as payment for medical treatment. It is then the duty of the MEDICAL BILLER to process the insurance claims to the patient's insurance provider. This is very important position, as the MEDICAL BILLER is responsible for the revenue of the medical facility. Medical Billers are employed in many health care settings, including: Hospitals, Private Doctor Offices, Dental Offices, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Clinics, Chiropractic Offices, Drug Treatment Centers, Insurance Companies, Laboratories, Group Medical Practices, Physical Therapy Offices, Clinics, HMO's, Pharmacies, Eye Glass Stores, Surgical Suppliers, Ambulance Companies, Nursing Agencies, MRI Centers, Testing Facilities and Nursing homes.

    Financial Services (Teller)

    Being a teller requires a great deal of attention to detail. Bank tellers' duties begin before and continue long after banking hours. They begin the day by receiving and counting an amount of working cash for their drawer. Throughout the day they cash checks and process deposits and withdrawals. After banking hours tellers count cash on hand, list the currency received tickets on a settlement sheet, and balance the day's accounts. In addition, tellers in many banks are being cross-trained to perform some of the functions of customer service representatives. Many new tellers transfer from other occupations, and virtually all tellers have at least a high school education. We will prepare our students for both for general Financial Services administration.




    Job Retention (Employer)

  • Employee-Awareness – Understanding the current status of the employee to prevent future problems from occurring
  • Employee Marketing – Mechanism of communicating the investment DSS has made to ensure model employee status.
  • Career Monitor – reiterating the goals for each employee and assuring that these goals are heard and executed with the assistance of EWI
  • Ongoing Employer Development – Recruit, educate and support small-to medium-sized employers and Corporate Enterprises

    Job Retention (Client)

    A working definition of Retention (client) is staying in a chosen career until mastery and promotion is achieved. A person must have certain tools in order to be interested in staying the course of one chosen career. The following outline represents the means of installing career commitment and providing the best opportunity for success:
  • Self-Awareness ; evaluating personality traits in effort to understand personal skills and shortcomings.
  • Skill Assessment ; reviewing work history for consistency of labor and training. Translating skills into terms that are relative to a particular employers needs.
  • Career Counseling ; goal establishment and achievement, tools for training and continuing education.
  • Sociology ; Cultural and historical studies to broaden a persons understanding of themselves and others
  • Studies in Teamwork ; teams that have assigned goals and objectives and when measures are met they receive positive recognition and constructive feedback, i.e. FBLA, Junior Achievement, Civil Air Patrol, etc
  • Languages ; participants are given the chance to learn other and different languages, religious practices, and cultural customs. Fostering care and appreciation for others and their needs
  • Professionalism ; courses on timeliness, budgeting, dress and appearance, communication skills, and problem solving.
  • Management Classes ; exercises in anger management, interpersonal relationships, social relationships, additions, addictions and manner/etiquette
  • Vocabulary ; reading and collecting career related and entertaining literature to build knowledge of word usage. Starting and maintaining a personal journal
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