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EWI Technologies propose to perform a high-level network performance /structure/security assessment leading towards the redesign of the computer network for the any organization. Included in most projects is an assessment on the management of the information technology system of the organization will be performed as well. Most proposals are based on the results of the organization network security assessment performed by EWI. The following is an example of how we would execute the initial assessment often free of charge:
Initial Assessment will include:
  1. Network infrastructure survey: assess and document the current network configuration of all units of the institutional;
  2. Define normal vs. abnormal network activity and loads for the network:Assess current configurations of all network devices to assure maximum efficiency and reliability;
  3. Network servers and workstations survey:Baseline each server and workstation configuration;
  4. Active Directory:Review current rollout plan for Active Directory and design optimum Active Directory schema taking into consideration the network design and goals of the resource;
  5. Servers disaster recovery: Perform assessment of the backup and disaster recovery for each server or network;
  6. Securing VMS Systems: In coordination with IT staff perform actions to secure the VMS systems from external attacks;
  7. Institutional Information Technology management structure and function assessment and recommendations: Assess the institutional IT staff job descriptions, management structures, procedures, technical assistance,
  8. Documentation to review findings and describe specific recommendations: institutional management will be provided with specific recommendations and documentation, including diagrams, configurations and policies for its network redesign. Revised IT staff structure and function documentation will be provided including technical assistance procedures, staff development, and staffing structure.

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