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Customer Driven Training

EWI has created a successful reputation for providing a unique "customer focus" approach to training. We believe that if we prepare our students to be customer driven as they apply their new knowledge, the actual employer will benefit as well as the student. We thrive on providing ease of use techniques that will allow the student to grasp the subject matter effectively. We are extremely flexible in our schedules and locations, allowing students to have several options in making their educational choices.
Certified Courses
EWI has certified instructors including Red Hat Linux Certified Engineers, Microsoft Certified Technical instructors, and Novell Authorized instructors. Our instructors possesses one or all of the above certifications. These certifications mean that our students can pursue the tracks necessary to become Red Hat Linux Certified Engineers, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers or Certified Novell Engineers.
EWI offers special A+ or Network+ certification courses which are currently are a minimum requirement for technicians. These certifications are an industry-wide program certifying the competency of computer service technicians and network technicians.

Wireless WiFi/Max Solutions

EWI Technologies LLC brings your individual goals to life with a cost-effective, impactful wireless solution. Next-Generation Wireless Mesh Networks, Combining a multi-radio architecture with high-performance routing to optimize video surveillance and other multimedia-grade applications We have the wide-ranging industry relationships and unmatched expertise necessary to fast-track carrier-class networks, facilitate network expansion, strengthen disaster recovery plans; and that’s just the tip of the wireless iceberg.

Wireless mesh networks are fast becoming the preferred way to deliver voice, video and data in outdoor environments. A wireless mesh can deliver the same network capacity, reliability and security that were once reserved for wired networks – but with the flexibility of wireless. With today’s state-of-the-art solutions, municipalities, public safety agencies, port authorities, and industrial organizations can rely on mesh networks to provide essential connectivity to their workers and constituents.

Enterprise Mesh is resilient and low maintenance. A modern mesh network automatically discovers the best route through the network and operaEWI  smoothly even if a mesh link goes down or a node fails. Because the network is self-forming and self-healing, administration and maintenance costs are lower. In addition, a wireless mesh overcomes the line-of-sight issues that may occur when a space is crowded with buildings or industrial equipment.

Rely on a world-class provider for your outdoor mesh

EWI ’s multiservice design delivers the high capacity and most resilient mesh network to meet today’s requirements for industrial organizations, public-safety agencies and municipalities. We provide the ability to have access to voice, video and data applications, whether walking around or traveling in vehicles.

Enterprise Mesh can be deployed in places with no fixed infrastructure, and the solution’s flexible deployment options allow the network to adapt to changing business conditions and requirements. A full suite of planning, design and management tools help keep operational costs low.

Unprecedented scalability and flexibility is why wireless mesh networks are used in some of the largest industrial, transportation, logistics, public safety, municipal and educational applications.

Wireless services from EWI Technologies (EWI ):

·         Network Build-Out:

·         Custom site-to-site and site-to-CO builds

·         Custom campus interconnect solutions

·         Rural broadband

·         Revenue-generating sales and marketing extensions

·         Last-mile wireless backhaul

·         Rooftop/tower leasing & cloud services

·         Custom off-net builds

·         Smart Grid solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

f you like the idea of having someone else host your software, infrastructure and other services for you, then cloud computing is worth your consideration. The term is used to describe anything that involves hosted services delivered over the Internet, encompassing three primary categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Unlike traditional hosting, cloud computing services are sold on demand, often by the minute or by the hour—or by subscription. All you need are a computer and Internet access to take advantage of the managed services, as the service provider will host and manage the account entirely off-site.

Recent technological advances in cloud computing, along with an increased interest in cutting costs, have led many businesses and individuals to pursue cloud computing as a smart way to gain access to a variety of IT services that would otherwise be unaffordable. Below, we’ve outlined the three primary categories of cloud computing and how they can help you.


With IaaS, such as the services offered by Amazon Web Services, you’re able to start, stop, access and configure your virtual servers and storage using the provider’s application program interface (API). Because IaaS provides virtual server instances with unique IP addresses and blocks of storage on demand, you’re able to pay only for the capacity that you need. As such, the service is sometimes called utility computing, in that you pay for what you use in the way that you consume electricity, fuel and water.


The PaaS category of cloud computing refers to a set of software and product development tools hosted on the provider’s infrastructure. Using an API, website portal or gateway software installed on your computer, you’re able to create a variety of applications on the provider’s platform over the Internet. and GoogleApps are just a couple of the providers offering PaaS.


With SaaS, you have access to a broad variety of services, ranging from Web-based email to inventory control and database processing. SaaS providers supply the hardware infrastructure and the software product and interact with the user through a front-end portal. This structure allows users to access the services from anywhere since the provider hosts both the application and the data.

It’s clear that cloud computing offers a new level of flexibility in creating and managing essential business and personal services. It allows even the non-tech-savvy to take advantage of a variety of hosted services, often for free or at a fraction of the cost of managing the services on your own.

Why Use Cloud Computing?

The term “cloud computing” has filtered into the mainstream, yet many businesses and individuals don’t quite know why it can be a valuable tool for executing essential daily functions. The term, used to describe anything that involves hosted services delivered over the Internet, can be particularly useful for small businesses that need to cut costs while still delivering the same high-quality products and services to their customers. Essentially, cloud computing lets you use a service provider’s platform for storage space, bandwidth, application development, software access and more—without the headache of managing or hosting these tools and services on your own. Consider the following ways that cloud computing can help your organization:

1.    Business continuity. When you have an outside service provider handling your IT infrastructure, you can ramp up systems to accommodate for seasonal or daily swings in server usage, and scale them down when business dies down. You’ll also have safeguards in place in the event of disaster at your facility, because your data will be hosted elsewhere.

2.    Flexible pricing. Most cloud computing providers let you pay as you go rather than sign a long-term contract that locks you into the service for an extended period. This approach makes cloud more affordable for firms that may be still struggling in the current economic climate.

3.    Ease of use. Using cloud computing is like running a marathon without getting off the sofa. You need only a computer and Internet access to get started with cloud computing, yet you’re able to develop and execute sophisticated applications and access volumes of storage space and bandwidth. What could be better?

4.    Automation. Software systems and servers always stay up-to-date on a cloud computing platform, so your IT personnel needn’t worry about manually deploying important updaEWI  and patches.

5.    Mobility. Whether you have workers in-house or telecommuters, cloud computing lets your employees access their work desk from anywhere—often leading to greater employee satisfaction and quality of work.

EWI Technologies (EWI ) Can Help

The question of whether to use cloud computing often comes down to whether the decision makers understand that it’s not simply a passing fad, but rather an essential business tool for any IT department, particularly small ones with limited resources and personnel. The upshot of a streamlined IT infrastructure is that the rest of your company will operate more smoothly, too—freeing up company leaders to focus on innovation and increasing the bottom line.

Management Consulting

Drawing on the extensive experience EWI Technologies (EWI ) management consultants, EWI Technologies (EWI ) Management Consulting helps clients move from issue to outcome, with pace, certainty, and strategic agility. We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of management consulting services:


High performance hinges on the ability to gain insights from data—insights that inform better decisions and strengthen customer relationships. From strategy to execution, EWI Technologies (EWI )Solutions works with organizations to develop the analytic capabilities—from accessing and reporting on data to predictive modeling—to outperform the competition.

Business Process Management

Businesses and governments are evolving their operations to accommodate an increasingly complex, volatile and interconnected global marketplace. EWI Technologies (EWI )Solution’s unique combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools help develop and operate scalable, efficient and agile business processes to deliver immediate and long-lasting value

Cloud Services

EWI Technologies (EWI ) sees the cloud as the convergence of three worlds: consumers, business and technology. The rise of mobility, social networking and mobile devices has created a new norm for interaction with customers and employees. At the same time, businesses are experiencing speed-to-market and cost containment pressures as never before. Technologies for virtualization, open-source software, automation, bandwidth availability and more continue to evolve

EWI Technologies (EWI ) helps clients sort through the complex choices in the game-changing cloud computing market. With our services, clients integrate and manage the new IT landscape and redefine the path to high performance.

Operational Excellence

Far-sighted executives view economic downturns as opportunities to improve business performance, take market share and establish a stronger strategic position.

Consequently, many COOs are making sure that they have mechanisms in place to effect positive transformation—to establish operational excellence over the long term and create the base from which to weather future downturns and challenges.

EWI Technologies (EWI ) observes that the companies that exit recessions ahead of their peers share these five essential characteristics regardless of their market positioning:

1.    They can identify their competitive essence – what EWI Technologies (EWI )Solutions calls their “dominant vector” –the one area or process in which they perform better than anyone else in their industry in order to deliver something distinctive to their customers

2.    They know what structural changes they must make to beat their competitors

3.    They know what it takes to out-execute their rivals

4.    They continuously find the right balance between “outucturing” and “out-executing” their competitors

5.    They choose the right “change journey” to keep them headed toward operational excellence.

The last point merits more attention. It is not enough for executives to know where they plan to take their organizations—they have to know how to get there. But the approaches they take—the “change journeys”—will have a significant bearing on their companies’ eventual positioning, because not all companies are conditioned to handle change to the same degree. What works for one company is unlikely to work for another, even within the same industry.

For every company and every leadership team, there is usually one optimal response to discontinuity—a change journey that best suits the company’s culture, capabilities, and the competencies and styles of its top managers. A company’s journey to operational excellence may call for a multi-year, enterprise-wide transformation, a program that streamlines one key function across the company, or an array of small local initiatives that yield benefits in months or even weeks.

Organization Performance

Rather than reshape itself periodically with stand-alone change programs, a company and its culture must be constantly adaptable to new directions. Change management must be an internal—and eternal—capability, present within the organization at every moment.

Recent EWI Technologies (EWI )Solutions research shows a shift in focus for many enterprises—rather than looking to cut or re-grow the workforce, leading organizations are focused on getting the right skills in place to both achieve and adapt to evolving strategies. EWI Technologies (EWI ) helps guide companies toward strategic ways of elevating an organization’s performance with services in change management, human capital and organization effectiveness, learning and collaboration, and human resources and talent management.

Site Services and Installation

Whether it’s across the office, throughout a building, at home and on the road, today’s successful business is connected. For years, EWI Technologies (EWI ) cable and wiring group has installed data and voice systems, set up wireless offices, configured systems for remote dial up access, and set up countless servers, hubs and switches.

·         Data

·         Voice

·         Wireless

·         Remote

·         Broadband Over Power

·         Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

EWI Technologies (EWI ) certified techs install CAT5, CAT6, 320 and fiber cable and copper wire. Whatever it takes to get the service to the client, that’s what we do.

We have the capability and expertise to connect branch offices located anywhere or to connect your customers to your computer systems.

 We have Network Experts in the following areas

·         Wireless

·         Mobile

·         Remote

·         Broadband

·         Local Area Networks (LANS)

·         Wide Area Networks (WANS)

·         Metropolitan Area Networks (MANS)

·         High-Speed Internet and Data Transmission Service

·         Public Switched Telephone Service

·         Voice Over IP (VOIP)

·         Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

EWI Technologies (EWI ) can connect your world by providing the voice and data services you need. Our network engineers and certified installers will design the network and high-speed access that’s right for your business or home, run all the cabling, and configure your servers and computers.

Staffing and Professional Services

In addition to our core IT services, EWI Technologies (EWI ) provides recruitment solutions to clients that need more than just a vendor for supplying candidaEWI  for openings. Our solutions division specialized in working with the customer to find a solution that best meets their needs.

RPO – Recruitment Structure Outsourcing

Full Life cycle outsourcing – prescreening, interview facilitation & on-boarding Enterprise wide Recruitment outsourcing for any skill area Event based RPO for customers that experience spikes in their business Onsite Recruitment resources available Offsite

MSP – Managed Recruitment Provider

Manage contract administration and execution.

Use existing partnerships to scrub the marketplace for vendors that can increase productivity and quality of the recruitment pipeline. Single point-of-contact and accountability for you, your suppliers, internal staff and consultants to manage the application of IT staffing and resources to meet your team’s needs. More effective rate structure to manage costs and recognize savings in average cost-per-consultant.

Invoice single supplier–A&A Global Technology. We handle distribution of payment to vendor pool. With any solution EWI Technologies (EWI )offers, an  professional will consult with you in order to tailor a solution that aligns with your recruitment goals.

For further information, please contact our VP of Business Development, at

Skilled Areas:

Applications Development

·         Applications Programmers

·         Web Developers

·         Systems Analysts

·         Database Administrators

·         QA/SW EWI ters

·         Release Managers

·         Configuration Managers

·         Including support for:

·         .NET, Java, C#, C++, J2EE, Visual Basic, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, All phases of the SDLC

PMO & Shared Services

·         Project Managers

·         Tech Writers

·         Tech Trainers

·         Business Systems Analysts

Technical Architecture

·         Enterprise Architects

·         Software Engineers

·         Database Modelers

·         Systems Architects

·         Business Intelligence Analysts

Infrastructure & Support

·         Helpdesk Support

·         Desktop Support

·         Field Technicians

·         Network Administrators

·         Network Engineers

·         WAN Engineers

·         Disaster Recovery Specialists

·         Firewall & Security Specialists

·         Enterprise Storage Specialists

·         Including support for:

·         Unix, Windows, & Linux environments, MS Office, Exchange, desktop HW/SW, Cisco routers, Security firewalls

Communications & Telephony

·         NOC Support

·         Circuit Designers

·         Wireless/RF Engineers

·         PBX Techs

·         EWI ters

·         Field Engineers

·         Transmission Engineers


IT Consulting & Network Security

EWI  provides complete IT solutions and support. Regular expert maintenance will keep your PCs, servers, and networks up and running, thus minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
IT Services List  : IT Strategy, Network Design, Security Assessments and Server Desktop Management

Data Center Design & Migration

Planning a move of any sort can cause significant stress and anxiety for anyone. Planning for a data center move or relocation, however, has the added pressure of potential disruptions to critical business operations and/or data losses that can severely damage an organization's overall business and reputation.

Data Center Services:
Disaster Recovery Services

Every business should have a business continuity plan in place. Not an idea, but a well articulated and detailed course of action to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and continue on in the aftermath. This plan includes crisis management, business procedures/processes and work area management to name a few considerations.
Another important, yet often overlooked part of your business continuity plan is IT disaster recovery (DR). In broad terms, this is how you deal with and prevent IT downtime. Even if every other part of your business continuity plan is executed perfectly, you remain at a standstill if your IT systems go down and stay down. And the situation will only get worse as your revenue and reputation take a beating.
Our disaster recovery solutions are not one size fits all. They are designed for each customer's business, technical and budget needs. We can provide fully managed backups, data replication, application recovery, server recovery, assessments and disaster recovery plan EWI ting.
Professional Disaster Recovery Services:
Customized, Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions
application, database & full server failover
disaster recovery plan consulting & EWI ting
active/passive failover or geographic load balancing
team of disaster recovery engineers design, deploy & manage your solution