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Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is a firm that specializes in the development, application and deployment of cutting edge, enterprise level technological solutions to fulfill any client’s needs. The synergy of our Executive Management team’s combined 50+ years of innovative technology expertise allows us to think way beyond the business cliché of "outside the box". We rather prefer to think as if "There Simply Is No Box". 
EWI offers clients the unique ability to explore results oriented, forward thinking technologically based solution deployments that can serve to address even the most demanding client environments. We do this by offering our clients only the very best solutions available anywhere in the marketplace. We conduct our business with an acute eye toward consistently implementing a fully optimized end-to-end service delivery model, and we always seek to achieve highly sustainable results.
Our Approach
We are obligated to focus on the business goals of our clients and make recommendations that are in the client's best interests.